List of Accepted Papers

Total is 39 papers.

There are three kinds to publish these accepted papers.

  • 18 papers have been selected to publish in Springer series Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (AISC)
  • 5 papers have been selected to publish in Journal of Intelligent Informatics and Smart Technology (JIIST)
  • 39 papers are published in iSAI-NLP Proceedings

Springer series Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (AISC)

No. Title Author(s) Publication
1. Anti-Theft Motorcycle System Using Face Recognition by Deep Learning under Concept on Internet of Things Patcharaon Petchsamutr, Apichat Silsanpisut and Mahasak Ketcham AISC / ISAI-Proceedings
2. Balanced Scorecard Quality Information Dashboards Model for competitive Business Advantage Wiwit Suksangaram, Kritchana Wongrat and Sopaporn Klamsakul AISC / ISAI-Proceedings
3. Building a Multimodal Language Resource for Dhanon Leenoi, Wasan Na Chai, Witchawoan Mankhong, Thepchai Supnithi AISC / ISAI-Proceedings
4. Cardiac Arrhythmia Classification using Hjorth Descriptors Thaweesak Yingthawornsuk and Pawita Temsang AISC / ISAI-Proceedings
5. CCTV Face Detection Criminals and Tracking System using data analysis algorithm Patiyuth Pramkeaw, Pearlrada Ngamrungsiri and Mahasak Ketcham AISC / ISAI-Proceedings
6. Cloud-based Services for Cooperative Robot Learning of 3D Object Detection and Recognition Parkpoom Chaisiriprasert, Karn Yongsiriwit, AISC / ISAI-Proceedings
7. Criminal Background Record Verify System with Fingerprint Images Narumol Chumuang, Mahasak Ketcham and Amnat Sawatnatee AISC / ISAI-Proceedings
8. Dynamic Relation-Based Analysis of Objective Interestingness Measures in Association Rules Mining Rachasak Somyanonthanakul and Thannaruk Theeramunkong AISC / ISAI-Proceedings
9. Image Encryption Using Cellular Neural Network and W Matrix Transformation Gangyi Hu, Sumeth Yuenyong and Jian Qu AISC / ISAI-Proceedings
10. Improved Term Weighting Factors for Keyword Extraction in Hierarchical Category Structure and Thai Text Classification Boonthida Chiraratanasopha, Thanaruk Theeramunkong and Salin Boonbrahm AISC / ISAI-Proceedings
11. Isan Dhamma Characters Segmentation Siriya Phattarachairawee, Montean Rattanasiriwongwut and Mahasak Ketcham AISC / ISAI-Proceedings
12. Jobs Analysis for Business Intelligence Skills Requirements Waranya Poonnawat, Eakasit Pacharawongsakda and Nuttaporn Henchareonlert AISC / ISAI-Proceedings
13. Ontology-assisted Structural Design Flaw Detection of Object-Oriented Software Sakorn Mekruksavanich AISC / ISAI-Proceedings
14. Ontology-Based Classifiers for Wikipedia Article quality Classification Kanchana Saengthongpattana, Thepchai Supnithi, Nuanwan Soonthornphisaj AISC / ISAI-Proceedings
15. Privacy-preserving Reputation Management in Fully Decentralized Systems: Challenges and Opportunities Ngoc Hong Tran AISC / ISAI-Proceedings
16. Thai Named-Entity Recognition Using Variational Long Short-Term Memory With Conditional Random Field Can Udomcharoenchaikit, Peerapon Vateekul, and Prachya Boonkwan AISC / ISAI-Proceedings
17. The Model of Teenagers’ Internet Usage Behavior Analysis Using Data Mining Thidarat Pinthong and Worawut Yimyam AISC / ISAI-Proceedings
18. Virtual Reality Application for Animal Cruelty Education Napatt Kuttikun, Pichayaporn Choosakulchart and Narit Hnoohom AISC / ISAI-Proceedings

Journal of Intelligent Informatics and Smart Technology (JIIST)

No. Title Author(s) Publication
19. Generating Synthetic Training Images for Deep Reinforcement Learning of a Mobile Robot Sumeth Yuenyong, Qu Jian JIIST/ iSAI-Proceedings
20. Heart rate Estimation of III-Lead ECG Measurement Siriphan Phetnuam, Thaweesak Yingthawornsuk JIIST/ iSAI-Proceedings
21. Hindi Word Sense Disambiguation using variants of Simplified Lesk measure Satyendr Singh†, Goldie Gabrani†, Tanveer Siddiqui JIIST/ iSAI-Proceedings
22. The Use of Business Intelligence Tools for Health Data Analytics Phatpicha Yochum, Chutima Beokhaimook JIIST/ iSAI-Proceedings
23. Towards Electronic Version of the Royin Thai Dictionary from Information-Heavily Semi-structured Data Source Taneth Ruangrajitpakorn, , Adisak Kingkaewkanthong, Thepchai Supnithi JIIST/ iSAI-Proceedings

iSAI-NLP Proceedings

No. Title Author(s) Publication
24. A Cognitive and Linguistic Analysis of Search Queries of an Online Dictionary: A Case Study of LEXiTRON Kanyanut Kriengket, Sawittree Jumpathong, Prachya Boonkwan, iSAI-NLP Proceedings
25. A Comparative Performance of Symmetric Encryption Algorithms by DES, 3DES, AES 128/192/256, Blowfish and RC4 for Cryptography Eakbodin Gedkhaw, Manussawee Piyaneeranart and Mahasak Ketcham iSAI-NLP Proceedings
26. A Comparison Performance of Cryptography Hash Functions by MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-2 for Data Encryption Eakbodin Gedkhaw and Mahasak Ketcham iSAI-NLP Proceedings
27. A Design of Kinect Interactive Application for Daily Life Sirimonpak Suwannakhun iSAI-NLP Proceedings
28. Analyzing of Learner Characteristic Groups by Phrimphrai Wongchomphu and Chutima Beokhaimook iSAI-NLP Proceedings
29. Call Log Analysis Using Longest Common Subsequence Athigun Karnsomchit, Vasin Suttichaya and Lalita Narupiyakul iSAI-NLP Proceedings
30. Comparative Study Performance of RSA by Pollard’s rho and Fermat Method Manussawee Piyaneeranart and Mahasak Ketcham iSAI-NLP Proceedings
31. Comparison of algorithm’s Performance based on Ittikon Thammachantuek and Mahasak Ketcham iSAI-NLP Proceedings
32. Comparison Study of Removing Salt and Pepper Noise by MF, AMF, PSMF, AWMF and NAFSM for Eakbodin Gedkhaw and Mahasak Ketcham iSAI-NLP Proceedings
33. Knowledge Sharing Behaviors among Multidisciplinary Program Students under the Thailand 4.0 Initiative Suttisak Jantavongso and Chuleekorn Nuansomsri iSAI-NLP Proceedings
34. Missing Data Imputation based on Bees Kritanut Chungnoy, Pornthep Khongchai and Pokpong Songmuang iSAI-NLP Proceedings
35. Noise Reduction Effect on Nut Kunpattanasopon, Nattapong Tongtep, and Kiyota Hashimoto iSAI-NLP Proceedings
36. Prototyping Automatic Essay Grading using Keywords and Language Model Nuttanart M. Facundes and Nuttapong Netjinda iSAI-NLP Proceedings
37. Thai Royal and Nobility Personal Name Extraction from Digital Archives Watchira Buranasing, Thepchai Supnithi, iSAI-NLP Proceedings
38. Towards Thai Treebank Construction and Grammar Derivation Thodsaporn Chay-Intr and Thanaruk Theeramunkong iSAI-NLP Proceedings
39. Video-based Human Tracking System Chutiwan Boonarchatong, and Mahasak Ketcham iSAI-NLP Proceedings


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